5 Drinking Games That Will Get You Plastered Fast

5 Drinking Games That Will Get You Plastered Fast

What’s better then just hanging out with your friends? It’s getting plastered with your friends and sharing moments that you won’t remember until you see your embarrassing photos all over Facebook and Twitter.  

Drinking Games are a great way to spice up a party and get people interacting with one another. Almost any activity can be made into a drinking game, from playing darts to flipping a cigarette pack and observing the way it lands.

I’m sure you know the basic concept behind a drinking game of any kind is that when some event occurs, you consume some quantity of alcohol. Why…? you shouldn’t ask if you’re looking for drinking games since the core purpose is to get hammered, smashed, plastered, drunk, or otherwise non-sober.

Here are 5 drinking games that we know and love and some that you probably never heard of before.  Just in-case you and your friends needed anymore motivation to drink yourself stupid, you may refer to the following list for inspiration: 

1. Jacks

You need: Deck of playing cards and 3 or more people

Method: Participants arranged in a circle. Cards are dealt one by one in the normal manner to the participants.
First person dealt a Jack invents a drink;   Second person dealt a Jack pays for the drink;   Third person dealt a Jack orders the drink;
Fourth person dealt a Jack drinks the drink.  Simple game, much fun guaranteed especially when participants are dealt more than one Jack in a single round (esp. 1st and 4th)!

2. Asshole

You need: Deck of playing cards and 5 people, but work with more

Method: For the first round deal the whole deck of cards (without jokers) to everyone.

Some random person goes first. They put down a card, face up. The next person has to put down the same card or higher. If someone plays the same card as the person before, the next person is skipped and has to drink. If someone can’t play a card they are skipped and have to drink. You can play doubles, triples etc. Any double beats any single etc.

3′s and 7′s are special cards. 7′s are social – anytime someone plays a 7 everyone drinks. If someone plays a 3 all of the cards are removed and the person who plays the 3 plays another card.

If no one is able to play on a card, and it goes back around to the person who played it, all of the cards are cleared and that person plays again. The first person to go out of cards is the president, the next person is the vice president, the next the secretary, then next the shithead, and the last the asshole. (if there are more than 5 there are many secretaries)

The president is allowed to make a rule for the next round. If the same person is president for several rounds in a row their get to make new rules and have the old ones stay. Otherwise the rule ends at the next round.

Also the president and the asshole trade two cards. The asshole give the president his two best cards, the president gives the asshole any cards he wants. The VP and shithead trade one card in the same manner.

While playing anyone higher in the chain then you can tell you to drink or tell you not to drink. It can be countermanded by someone higher then them.

Waterfalls drinking games

3. Celebrity

You need: Celebrity knowledge

Method: Someone says a celebrities name e.g. ‘Lindsay Lohan’ and you go round the circle saying a name that starts with the first letter of the previous name’s last name. e.g.  2nd person ‘Leann Rimes’  3rd person ‘Ron Perlman’ etc. etc. – cartoon characters and soap characters allowed (at least one person in the group has to recognise the name for it to count) doubles e.g. Michael Manson reverse the direction. You must drink while you think


4. Quarters

You need: One quarter and 2 or more people

Method: Players sit around a table and take turns trying to bounce a quarter into a centrally located glass of beer. Miss, and you lose your turn. Sink one and you keep your turn while getting to select some poor bastard to chug&the beer. The quarter is then returned to the player and the game continues. Three successful bounces in row allows the player to make a “rule” (which can be anything). Subsequently, anyone who breaks a rule is required to drink.

beer pong drinking game

5. Waterfalls

You need: One deck of playing cards for up to 7 people or Two deck of cards if more then 7 players

Method: Everyone draws cards. For 2-5, you have to chug for the number of seconds on the card (a 2 means 2 seconds, etc…)
For 6-9 you assign the number on the card to other people to chug (I get a 6, I make you drink for 6 seconds, or I make 2 guys drink for 3 seconds)
For 10, you have to, at any point during the game, put your thumb at the edge of the table. You don’t say when you are going to do it, and once you do, everyone else has to do it when they notice. Last person to notice chugs 5 seconds.
For Jack, you make up a rule, and it can be anything (ie: you have to keep your right hand on your beer at all times). If you break the rule, 5 seconds chug.
For Queen, you have to say a word, and then the next person has to say a word that rhymes with that word or starts with the same letter. You keep going until somebody messes up. If you take too long, you lose. You have to chug 7 seconds for this.
For King, you have to think of a category, and then the next person has to say something in that category (ie: Hockey teams). First person to mess up drinks 7 seconds.
Ace. This is the waterfall. This is the one that gets you drunk. Everyone starts chugging, and you can only stop chugging when the person to the right of you stops chugging. So basically, the first person who can stop is the one who drew the card, and the person to his left is screwed!

If you keep the game going fast, you will get hammered very, very fast.


Beer Roulette (Not exactly a drinking game, but fun when it’s hot outside)

You need: One can of beer per contestant and One bucket of water

Method: One can of beer is shaken vigorously. All cans placed in bucket of water and mixed well. Each contestant in turn chooses a can and opens in front of his/her face. Not necessarily a recipe for falling-over drunk, but certainly likely to induce falling-over laughter.


While what makes something good is largely a matter of opinion, there are a few things that can certainly help a drinking game along. First of all, everyone in the game should be kept busy. You should never have to wait too long before you can take some kind of action, and optimally there should be opportunities for you to drink at any time. There should be interaction between players and the game should start getting harder as you drink more alcohol, so that near the end it becomes a downward spiral of sorts. That, however, is true of nearly any drinking game.

Drinking games should also come with some words of warning. It is very easy to imbibe a great deal of alcohol in a relatively short period of time while playing these games. In fact, many of them are designed to get as much alcohol into you as possible before your body revolts. As such, even more care should be taken while playing drinking games than you should normally take while simply drinking.

REMEMBER: stay within your limits, drink responsibly, if its getting tough get out of the game. But most of all, have fun.




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